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Set A Mood

Virtualize your 3D Teleport. Mood Music Tracks on StarGate-Enterprise.com


Your 30 second script you want your BoogieDroid Actor to say. We'll animate and lipsync your text. Be creative. Should be something futuristic (e.g. moon coins on sale, jet packed in, etc).

Boogiedroid® Actor

View the Actors on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXvPpGNMSeOQ4bnf7m5P4RizsnWVtd71u The number of the actor shows up for each BoogieDroid. View them, then once you've made your selection Enter it here.

StarGate-Enterprise 3D Teleport - Tap into the infinite Universal Marketplace for free until you reach $1000.00/mo in sales from it. Then only pay $299/mo. Promotional offer.

StarGate-Enterprise 3D Teleport- We Create - You provide 20 Pictures that showcase your business, products, and services. Our animators will create your 3D StarGate Teleport which is:

Flash enabled devices and desktops - flip page 3d magazine, rich 3D videos, audio, hyperlinks, zoom, tilt, angle, roll, fullscreen and thumbnail view, easy navigation, share, search, direct website access.

You give us 20 of your products, pricing, descriptions, taxes, shipping and we'll put them into your very own storefront attached to your 3D Teleport. Even if you already have a website with a shopping cart, select 20 products from that and provide us. All 3D Teleports link back to the owners original website, blog, or content anyway. This is a perfect way to test market a selection of your products.

Then once everything is complete we send you your address and link that you can embed on your main website so you too can market your 3D Teleport. While you are doing that, we will market your website to the SGE Universe and beyond until you start generating revenue from it. Once you reach $1000/mo in sales then and only then would you be required to start paying a $299/mo subscription fee to keep it going.

Simply checkout answering the three questions, upon us receiving your order, an animator will be contact via the email and phone number you entered when you created your account. Please allow 2-3 business days from order to contact (depending on volume this may change) if it does you will be notified by email. While you are waiting for one of our animators you should: get together your 20 pictures that will go into your teleport and your 20 products you wish to sell on your teleport with all the necessary information so when the animator calls you have this information that you can provide to them. Once configured, you will be sent a draft link for your approval. Upon your approval you will be placed into the SGE Universe and given your embed link.

Instant Affiliate - promote your StarGate-Enterprise Teleport, people clicking through to us and purchasing you earn income on all StarGate-Enterprise Brands (StarGate-Enterprise Teleports, Radio Commercials, Scripts, BoogieDroids®.

Automatic free BoogieMoney.com account with business promotion tools plus watch movies with friends online, tap into videos, music, and more all within your free Boogie Account. Use the tools to promote your StarGate-Enterprise Teleport throughout all your social media networks all from within Boogie.

Engaging presentation allows you to highlight specials, promotions and more for business. Personal Teleports is left to the unlimited imagination. Graduations, weddings, portfolios, resumes...

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