The Benefits Of Collapsible Bunds for Workplace Safety

A collapsible bund is a liquid-tight barrier that’s used to contain and collect liquids and in workplaces is considered secondary storage and safety equipment as they are often placed around drums that contain hazardous liquids. 

The best bunding on the market has benefits such as containing spills, collecting rainwater, preventing erosion, and more! 

Here’s Why Aussie Businesses Love Bunding

Collapsible bunds are known as portable bunding as they can be removed and re-erected as needed. This makes them a great choice for anyone who is storing and moving liquids often. In addition to the above collapsible bunds are light and easy to handle, reusable (and thus very economical), and work in a variety of industries. For many workplaces in Australia, this makes them an all-rounder safety product that can have a lot of uses while also being cheap, cost-effective, and made to last a long time. 

Let’s look into some of the use cases. 

Collapsible Bunds Are Often Used To:

Service Equipment and Automotives: 

You can drive over collapsible bunds, so they become a great option to catch any leaks from vehicles or machinery when it comes time for servicing or in the case of other issues as listed below. 

Temporary housing for leaking equipment: 

If any workplace equipment is leaking or becoming a spill risk, these spills can be contained by a collapsible bund that can be erected right where the machinery already is, so there’s no need to risk moving anything. 

General Spill Containment

General spills that happen all over your workplace can be mitigated by the use of collapsible bunds, if you want to prevent spills you can bundle your pallets or drums as a risk-prevention measure. On the other hand, if you notice a drum is leaking, you can bundle it to catch the leaks. 

Wash bays: 

If you need to remove contaminants from containers or vehicles this is a great option to use your collapsible bunds to contain the contaminated runoff. This works due to the easily erectable nature of the collapsible bund. 

Drive on/off bunds:

If you get a bund large enough it can be used to prevent leaks and spills during fuel transfers between vehicles or general maintenance as mentioned above. 

Need Bunding? 

Now that you understand the value of collapsible bunding, it’s important to choose the right supplier to help you understand risk management and legal issues related to the world of workplace safety. So, reach out to Spill Station, Australia’s leading workplace safety experts to get a risk assessment, and workplace audit and make your workplace a safe space for your workers, and the environment alike. 

Contact them today and get started! 

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