5 Ways To Support Small Businesses During The Crisis

Small businesses worldwide are suffering from the economic crisis generated by COVID-19 and the Lockdown stipulated by some governments. These small businesses are a means of subsistence for several families who struggle to survive their “breadwinners.” With that in mind, here are five ways from Cultivate Advisors to support the small businesses you know:

  1. Follow Small Businesses On Social Media And Interact With Them

The easiest way to support the small businesses you know is through Social Media platforms. That way, follow the small businesses you know on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social networks you use. Help them by liking, commenting, and sharing the content on social networks. Interacting with these companies means generating a greater possibility for more people to consume from them. Sometimes a friend is looking for where to buy something, and a company you know and share a post with offers precisely what he needs.

  1. Online Store

Knowing the need to avoid social contact, it is not advised to leave the house to buy something you need. But, using the internet to buy what you need is more than advisable. It is the opportunity to help that small business that you know and know has a website or another form of sale that allows online purchases. In addition to making it possible to help a small business, you will often purchase something much more exclusive than what you could find in e-commerce from a significant player.

  1. Participate In Promotions

If you’re willing to help, why not participate in a promotion? So, in addition to helping a small business, you can still compete for a discount coupon or win something. Participating in small business social network promotions organized by Sales Advising for Small Businesses, for example, will generate visibility and credibility for the companies you interact with. And you can still win a gift for it.

  1. Evaluate Small Businesses

Try evaluating the small businesses you know on your social networks and Google. Evaluate and comment positively on the companies you know and have consumed. Seek to exalt the company’s qualities and how satisfied you were when consuming them. A good review, in addition to helping convince others to consume from the company, contributes to the algorithm and consequent “ranking” of these companies in search engines. Because the better these companies are positioned on Google, the more chances people have to find them.

  1. “Word Of Mouth”

Everyone knows that “word of mouth” is the best advertisement for street commerce. The online environment is no different. By recommending a company in an online conversation or simply mentioning a company when commenting on a photo, you reach many people who can consume from that company. Take advantage of the fact that you are communicating with your friends over the internet and share the link to the website or social network of that small business of your friend or family member whenever possible, and it makes sense.

You are commenting on a photo of a friend wearing a dress with a super cool print; take advantage and indicate a small business that supplies dresses with cool prints. Or suggest people check out a friend’s boutique on Facebook.

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