An Overview of ADSS

As the world becomes more interconnected, so have the financial markets. While in the past, trading in the financial markets used to be something only people with connections could do, now, with the internet, anyone can get trading. That said, in order to gain access to assets, you must first work with a broker. Most brokers can be contacted online, and plenty offer online trading services, meaning you don’t even have to go in person to place your trades.

Although there are more brokerage firms than ever before, it is still important to do your research thoroughly before picking one. This is because not all brokers are created equal. It is best that you pick a broker that is reputable and trustworthy. Fortunately, we have done the hard work here. In this adss com review, we take a look at an overview of ADSS, a MENA brokerage firm.

ADSS’ background

ADSS is an award-winning leading MENA broker that was established in 2010. They have a daily trade volume of up to US$17 billion, and a paid-up capital of US$585 million. It prides itself on providing traders with the highest quality investment opportunities as well as the most rewarding trading experience possible. This is due to its multi-asset trading technology, allowing traders a personalised view of the markets, access to instruments and liquidity, and in addition, support from its highly experienced and qualified customer support team.

What makes ADSS unique

There are a few things that make ADSS stand out from its industry peers. The first – and most traders will be pleased to know – is that ADSS is one of the only brokerages headquartered in the Gulf Cooperation Council,and they operate in the Middle East, the UK, and in other regions and financial markets around the world. The investment firm is also regulated by the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) in the UAE and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK. As ADSS prides itself on being a responsible broker, they are committed to offering traders a fair, competitive, and transparent trading environment. As such, traders will be relieved to know that the company is trustworthy and that their funds are kept safe.

Aside from providing opportunities for trading in financial markets, ADSS is also dedicated to improving opportunities and enhancing the trading experience for all its clients, no matter which skill level they are at. This includes providing free video tutorials, webinars, seminars, blog posts and more for those who are looking to learn more about trading and the financial markets. ADSS also offers its own research for clients, such as the AutoChartist Trade Setups – which highlights emerging trading opportunities around the clock – in addition to ADSS; Daily Outlook – analysis of the latest news and headlines happening around the world.

Account types

In order to get started with trading with ADSS, you must first pick the account type, to begin with. ADSS offers three account types for traders that are suitable for all levels.


This is ADSS’ lowest account type tier. It has a minimum deposit level of $100, and offers traders competitive market spreads, as well as a maximum leverage of 500:1. This account type also comes with 24/5 customer support, so traders can quickly contact support in case any issues arise. ADSS also provides training courses, which is fantastic towards traders who may be new to the environment and need more education to catch up with other experienced traders.


This is ADSS’ second account type tier. It contains everything in the Classic tier and more perks. The minimum deposit is $100,000 and it offers 25% lower spreads. Traders also get a dedicated senior manager to help them manage their accounts – especially if monitoring the markets gets a little too time-consuming. The Elite account also provides a multi-base currency, in case traders are trading in multiple currencies.

Elite +

This is the highest tier of ADSS’ account type. The minimum deposit is $250,000 and it offers ultra-low competitive spreads. Aside from offering a dedicated account manager, it also offers a sales trader, giving even more support to its clients when they trade. Again, the Elite + contains everything in the Elite and Classic tiers, plus slightly more perks.

How to fund your ADSS account

You will be happy to know that ADSS makes it super simple and straightforward for funds to be added to their trading account. In fact, ADSS is the only broker in the UAE that uses UAEPGS – which is the transfer payment gateway specifically from the Central Bank of the UAE. This allows customers of merchants connected to the service to pay their bills online either by direct debit or through a UAEPGS member bank debit card. This makes it even faster for funds to be transferred.

Other ways you can transfer funds in ADSS include using bank wire transfer, credit card, online bank transfer, as well as digital payment platforms like Skrill, Neteller, and Cash U. ADSS is also expanding to include both Samsung and Apple Pay. Traders can also request to withdraw funds with the same options.

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