Signeasy for Zapier

Zapier enables you to automate work across more than 5,000 apps, making businesses efficient and teams productive. Before we talk about eSignature integration for Zapier, let us understand a bit about eSignatures and Signeasy.

An electronic signature, also termed an eSignature, represents any electronic or automated means that shows that one has accepted the electronic message contents or is confirming that they are the one who have themselves written the message. It is the electronic equivalent of any regular signature or seal. With the pandemic, as most organizations shifted virtually, it became crucial to find an easy way to sign and send electronic documents quickly. This is where Signeasy has stepped up as an industry leader. Signeasy is an easy-to-use automation and workflow platform to sign, manage, and send crucial business agreements.

Let us now talk about how integrating Signeasy with Zapier can help.

Signeasy plus Zapier

From freelancers to organization leaders, Zapier links work apps, which helps one focus on what is most important. Zapier allows you to save time, remain organized, and precisely track the marketing campaign presentations to concentrate on making an actual impact. Let us learn why marketers use and love Zapier.

Streamlines your Lead Management: With Zapier, one can automate easy tasks and complex issues to save time, help with data accuracy, and enhance lead outreach. You can now seamlessly manage leads with automation.

Connect Apps: Zapier can integrate numerous lead-conversion tools and CRM apps.

Saves Time: Zapier users can save almost ten hours a week, thus giving you time to concentrate on crucial tasks.

Move Faster: You can hasten your lead management process with a 1-minute update time on plans that have already been paid for.

Decrease Administrative Tasks: Add leads automatically to the CRM (or any other tool) and get the time to concentrate on more strategic work—such as personalized sales pitches.

Streamline Lead Lifecycles: Move leads automatically through various steps of the funnel in one workflow with multi-step Zaps.

Communicate Effectively with your Customers: Keep all customer conversations going. Streamline the communication flow, so you have ample time for personal and individual contact time.

Maintain Accurate Data and Analytics Consistently: Make informed decisions much faster. Route the data sources to one single place for extensive reporting.

Streamline all Operations: Bring some order to all the chaos. With Zapier, one can automate the systems for them to work as efficiently as possible.

Zapier can offer support to more apps compared to other automation platforms, which in turn enables you to connect the solutions you use. Using Zapier, you can scale the lead intake (and conversion) across all your teams and apps. Zapier helps streamline sales outreach without requiring people to finish tiring and time-consuming manual tasks.

How Zapier works

Zapier is a solution that can help you automate redundant tasks between multiple apps without any code requirements. Zapier will communicate to the other app to perform a certain action when something occurs in one app. With Zapier, you can automate the following:

  • Repetitive tasks
  • Anything which requires you to move the information from one app to another
  • Tasks that do not need a lot of human intervention

The following details the working of Zapier:

  • Imagine a scenario where all the apps that you use can interact with each other. Isn’t that awesome? Zapier connects more than 5000 apps to flow smoothly and automatically for the conversation.
  • You are now required to select a trigger. A trigger starts the entire automated process between all your apps. For example, we can say that the trigger is a lead coming via the Facebook app.
  • After the trigger comes the actual action, or instead, what you want, that should occur automatically. For example, the step will be to send the team a slack notification.
  • Now a Zap is created. A Zap is nothing but when your trigger results in an action. It is an automated workflow that instructs apps to follow an easy command.
  • Every Zap has a trigger and one or more actions. A trigger is an event that starts a Zap; action is what your Zap does for you. When a Zap runs, each action it completes counts as one task.
  • A Zap can have up to a hundred actions and automate a whole process, not just one task. Thus, a workflow can be executed while you can concentrate on making a pitch to the client and have a deal closed.

Zapier makes it easy for everyone to design and create new Zaps—or alter the old ones—in its zero-code platform.

How Does Signeasy + Zapier Help?

You now have the flexibility to trigger the events in your favorite apps to occur automatically once a document is signed! Signeasy + Zapier enables this. With the help of Zapier, you can use templates (Zaps) to allow communication between a Signeasy account with other common and popular tools, such as Google Workspace, Slack, and so on.

Now you don’t have to leave your team members waiting for crucial documents to be signed. With Zapier, it can be communicated to them automatically that a document is signed, you always have a backup plan, and you ensure that documents are sent out within your team’s working hours. Go ahead and implement eSignature integration for Zapier to simplify business processes.

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