What It Takes To Stand Out On The High Street In 2023

For the longest-time headlines have challenged the high street, discussing its potential decline and, yet, each year retailers demonstrate that their brick-and-mortar presence is valued. To accomplish this, shops adapt and the retail landscape continues to change. Now, as we look to the future of high street retail, it is clear that even more significant changes lie ahead.

With the growing presence of new retail elements, those that distinguish themselves from traditional and transactional operations, retailers must ensure that they stay up-to-date with modern concepts and designs to ensure that their high street presence is valued.

Community Contributions

For a retailer to ensure it has continued support from a community, it must now go beyond the offering of products, since this process of transactions sees significant competition from online sales. What cannot be replicated online, however, are community activities and the utilisation of a high street venue for community purposes.

Take, for example, bookshops that host local events and book clubs. Beyond their sales of books, which are likely also to occur digitally, their physical venue becomes a part of the local culture and society, being appreciated by the community who, in turn, will support its continued success.

Sustainable Makeover

Historically, customers have chosen brands that match their own sense of taste and preference. As such, retailers spend a great deal of time ensuring that a shop’s aesthetic suits the taste of their customers. Now, in a time of growing environmental concern, customers are increasingly looking to support retailers who align with their own moral values.

This means that brands must make an increased effort to design shopping spaces that speak of environmental consideration, with locally manufactured greeting card units and upcycled display furnishings. By making such design decisions, shoppers will feel more comfortable supporting high street retailers, knowing that they can do so without guilt.

Pop-Up Events

Standing out beyond the presence of high street competitors can be done exceptionally well with pop-up events. These brand-associated activities are limited-time events and not only encourage shoppers to visit a retail venue before the pop-up concludes but can also generate a considerable amount of buzz.

Some retailers host pop-up events related to new products, such as Nespresso welcoming guests to their retail stores for a coffee tasting, whereas others will look to make a significant statement, such as when plant-based food company, THIS, tricked attendees into thinking that Ed Sheeran was helping them to give away food samples when it was, appropriately, a lookalike.

Photo Opportunity

Shop spaces can also go beyond offering an abundance of products stacked on shop shelving and create visually appealing spaces inside their shop to encourage photo opportunities. With social media being an essential part of a brand’s marketing, it can be vital for shop spaces to have an aesthetic that not only allows customers to take pictures but actively encourages it.

While not every brand might need a statement mural, one that serves as the perfect backdrop for customers and their cameras, some will find that choosing the right store light and shop furniture will lead to their interior design being shared and celebrated online.

For more information on ways you can clean up your property to stand out, please see the helpful infographic below.

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