Airtel Payments Bank: Pay Your Water Bill Online, Anywhere, Anytime

Over the past century, the rise in urban water use has been mostly attributed to increased urbanization, population expansion, and rising standards of living. For any consumer, a water supply interruption can be a major issue. Due to unpaid or late water bill payment, the water supply may be switched off. Airtel Payments Bank provides consumers with the convenience of making payments for water bills online. Having a savings account with the Bank can help you make seamless payments through the Airtel Payments Bank website or the app.

One benefit of paying your water bill online is that you can take advantage of cashback offers, reductions, and other benefits on your bill payment. With swift online transactions, it is easier to avoid penalties and make payments in a matter of minutes. But first, let’s learn about a customer identification number and the process to make water bill payments online with Airtel Payments Bank.

What is a Customer Identification Number?


Every user of the water boards is given a customer identification number, which is a unique number. Your most recent and earlier water bills will both have the number. Every consumer can be identified using this particular number. Also, take aware that each board may use a different name for the customer identification number. Every water board’s customer identification number has a different name. Following is a list of typical terms for the customer identification number seen on water bills from various water boards:

  • RR Number for BWSSB (Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board)
  • Customer ID for CIDCO (City and Industrial Development Corporation) and DDA (Delhi Development Authority)
  • K Number for DJB (Delhi Jal Board)
  • Consumer Number for the Department of Public Health Engineering in Mizoram
  • Connection ID for GWMC (Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation) and so on

You can examine the contents of your statement and pay your water bill online once you’ve located your customer identification number. Depending on the waterboard, you might also need to give further information.

Associated Airtel Payments Bank Vendors

Mentioned below is the list of various billers that are supported by Airtel Payments Bank.

  • Bangalore Water Supply Board
  • Bhopal Municipal Corporation
  • Delhi Jal Board
  • Municipal Corporation of Jalandhar
  • Gwalior Municipal Corporation
  • Hyderabad Water Supply Board
  • Municipal Corporation of Gurugram
  • Indore Municipal Corporation
  • Jabalpur Municipal Corporation
  • New Delhi Municipal Council and many more.

How To Pay Your Water Bill Online via the Airtel Payments Bank?

With Airtel Payments Bank, paying your water bill is simple by using the website or the Airtel Thanks app. The steps are as follows:

Pay water bill online with the website:

Step1: Login by going to the website.

Step2: Select More and click on “Water”

Step3: Select the biller’s name.

Step4: Submit your Service Number.

Step5: Choose Proceed.

Step6: Complete your payment by going on to the next step.

Pay water bill online with an app:

Step1: Log into your Airtel Thanks App after downloading it.

Step2: Choose “Pay Bills” and then “Water” from the list of option

Step3: Choose your operator’s name.

Step4: Submit your Service Number.

Step5: To finish the payment procedure, click “Pay Now.”

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