With the customer landscape changing, it is more challenging than ever to justify why you didn’t help your customer as quickly as possible. Besides, you must get back to your customers promptly and professionally to be competitive in your industry. Adopting a call answering service for your business makes sense. It provides your customers with a 24/7 available phone service to reach, allowing you to focus on critical aspects of running your business.

So how do you pick the best call answering service for your small business? Here are the aspects to evaluate before making your choice.

Your business culture

Does the telephone answering service align with your business culture? This answering service will be the first line of contact whenever a prospective customer tries to reach your business, so you should consider whether it meets your expectations. You must evaluate all the details, including the tone of answering calls, what they do when they put the customer on hold, call answering expertise, etc. Consider a call answering service that suits your business culture.


A reliable phone answering service for small business es should guarantee the security of their phone connections. Do not hesitate to ask about the procedures or backups they have in place in case of technical problems and power outages. You want a proactive phone answering company that has taken the necessary measures to ensure conversations are safe and prevent data breaches.


Not everyone has the expertise to answer your business calls, and you want to ensure that your chosen company has adequately trained its staff on handling business calls professionally. Please find out about the company culture, what qualifications they look for when staffing and whether they retain employees. You should also consider their call volume and how the company handles occasional surges in call volume. It will do you no good if the company has to deal with long wait times, constantly changing receptionists, or they don’t know how to handle your business calls.

24/7 services

For many businesses, the goal of hiring a call answering service is to find a way to handle business calls that come in the wee hours of the night, on weekends, and on holidays when there is no one in the office. Even if your business doesn’t operate 24/7, you need to plan accordingly so that customers can reach you whenever they call. The right answering service can evaluate every call and handle it according to its urgency.


If your business serves non-English speaking consumers, you must look for an answering service that facilitates other languages. A call answering service that can tailor the service to your customers’ language is preferable.

Advanced services

Besides basic call answering, you may need advanced services like taking orders, making appointments, customer support, etc. In that case, you need to find a call answering service that offers these tailored services. That may require dedicating a few trained callers to your business.


Choose a call answering company with your interests in mind that can deliver quality services to you and your customers.

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