Tips to Find a Reliable Live Scan Service Provider

The world of innovation is evolving, and technology is no longer limited to our imagination and cool sci-fi movies. Lives can is an excellent example of one of such applications in modern institutions. 

From retrieving background information on anyone who walks through your do0rs to keeping records, Live scan helps you fortify your company’s security. Before you can enjoy the amazing benefits of this invention, you will first have to choose a reliable live scan provider. This article gives you vital tips to make an informed decision. 

What is Live Scan?

Live scans are electronic devices used to capture fingerprints for submission to specific state agencies or independent organizations. Today, live scan fingerprinting is highly required for the following purposes: 

  • Professional licensing
  • Fingerprint card 
  • Certification
  • Employment background check
  • Immigration/Visa clearances, 
  • Foreign adoptions
  • Archiving
  • Past and current information on an individual’s criminal history status 

 With the introduction of privacy laws and an increase in security measures, live scan background checks are fast becoming a major condition for prospective employees or applicants. Fingerprinting and drug screening tests also are required for employees, even for part-time workers and volunteers. 

Why Live Scan Fingerprinting? 

Before now, capturing someone’s fingerprint involved a laborious manual process of using ink and roll. Today, live scan fingerprinting devices i.e., biometric fingerprint scanners, are widely used for capturing and processing fingertips electronically without stress. Your fingertip is stained with ink and placed against the paper to obtain your fingerprint in this method. 

Livescan devices are integrated with sensors that can read different fingerprints patterns. Electronic processing of fingerprints generates criminal record responses in a matter of minutes.  

Finding a Reliable Live Scan Service Provider

The rate at which live scan companies are springing up everywhere is alarming. To avoid falling into the wrong hands, you need to keep these tips in mind when choosing a live scan service provider to work with: 

  • Flexible Scheduling: 

If you are a busy person, you may want to consider a live scan company that runs week-long customized services that involve dispatching their fingerprint service technicians to your home or workplace to capture your fingerprints on their mobile live scan system. This way, you can have your fingerprint captured at your own convenient time in the comfort of your home or office.  

  • Government Approval and Staff Certification

You can count on a live scan fingerprinting company with certified fingerprint technicians to generate high fingerprint capture quality and exert full control over data input. These technicians must have been vetted and confirmed by different relevant government formations such as state criminal justice departments, law enforcement, and homeland security. 

You should also endeavor to look out for verifiable documents or other proofs affirming the credibility and expertise of a live scan company’s staff members. 

  • Accurate Biometrics

Because live scan uses is a biometric-based background check, it can reflect your updated criminal history status. This biometric-enabled system reveals who an individual truly is and what they have done beyond state agency criminal record databases. 

On the other hand, a name-based background check is a static “one-time” process that may not reflect the change or update in an individual’s personal criminal history. Live scan fingerprinting can provide information on unreported convictions or arrests that may not appear on name-based criminal history checks. 

  • Innovative Solutions 

A reputable live scan vendor is committed to providing customized fingerprinting services to match clients’ varying needs. Whether you want a fingerprint-based background for professional licensing, employment, visa application, or screening your prospective employees, an ideal option like Live scan Certifix company is covered. 

Also, we cannot overemphasize the importance of settling for a live scan service provider with a proven track record of effective customer service that caters to all categories of customers, whether it is a local small business or a large state agency.  

  • Investment in Technology 

Investment in cutting-edge technologies and a large pool of certified technicians is crucial to the delivery of fast, accurate, and reliable fingerprinting services. The latest fingerprint identification technologies include: 

  • Micro-X-Ray Florescence
  • Noninvasive Procedure.
  • Prints From Metal Objects.
  • Color-Changing Florescent Film.
  • Forensic Science Advances.

With these advanced devices in place, a Live-scan company can effectively render a variety of screening fingerprinting services, including;

  •  FBI Apostille Authentication Services
  •  Fingerprint Archiving
  •  FingerprintCard Conversion
  • Mobile On-Site Fingerprinting 
  •  FBI Background Check. 

More importantly, the management should implement measures to ensure these devices are operated strictly in line with government guidelines and standards. 

Final Thought

Certifix is a leading live scan fingerprinting company you can bank on when it comes to high-quality and reliable live scans. Maybe you are wondering, “Is there any great fingerprinting near me?”. At Certifix Live Scan, our goal is to offer you top-quality, cost-effective, and convenient live scan fingerprinting services from home live scan services, live scan fingerprinting, ink fingerprinting, fingerprint archiving fingerprint card conversion to mobile on-Site fingerprinting, and FBI background check. Certifix Live Scan is a market leader in live scan service at over 500 locations in California and Florida. We are a live scan fingerprinting provider certified by DOJ, FBI, and the FDLE. 

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