Trusting CAN-AM Performance Chains in NZ Since 1980

Supply Services Limited is NZ’s largest and most reliable supplier of industrial chains, and largest manufacturer of sprockets to suit all industry sectors. They are widely recognised as a leading company due to the talent of their devoted engineers, in combination with their enviable roster of industry-leading suppliers. One of their most trusted and renowned suppliers is the North American premier manufacturer, CAN-AM Chains.

Interestingly, both of these companies had humble beginnings. CAN-AM Chains began in 1966 when two brothers in Vancouver took over a 1200 square foot warehouse and started perfecting the chain making process that they have today. Supply Services began its days in 1980 as a chemical importation business, additionally distributing chain and sprocket products to the same industry sectors.

Each of these companies is obsessed with excellence, and this is shown very clearly through their careful and concise manufacturing process and prioritisation of quality. This tradition of quality has binded them together as manufacturer and supplier for going on 41 years, and it’s clear that this long-lasting relationship has only strengthened over time.

Dictators of Quality & Assurance

With combined technical expertise of over a staggering 500 years, the CAN-AM Chains technicians can manufacture a wide variety of welded steel, speciality chains, bearings, sprockets, engineered plastics, and more. They make quality products that are engineered and modified to ensure the highest level of efficiency and reliability and to last the rigorous test of time.

CAN-AM Chains differs from other international manufacturers as it focuses exclusively on the wood processing sector. They have dominated this niche so expertly that their knowledge in speciality chain manufacturing and design is unparalleled across the industry. It’s no accident that Supply Services Ltd chose CAN-AM chains many years ago as their focused supplier for performance chains in the thriving NZ pulp and paper and wood processing sectors.

Capabilities & Expert Services

CAN-AM Chains operates as an entirely in-house chain manufacturer with full control of their steels, processes, and end products. Supply Services Ltd calls upon CAN-AM Chains for bespoke sprocket profiles and chains made-to-order, completely customisable to their client’s needs. To further extend the life of their chains, CAN-AM also offers a range of specific heat treatments and induction hardening specialities such as: through heat treated sidebars, barrels or rivets, additional induction hardening of through heat treated parts, carborised barrels, normalised sidebars and barrels, zinc, or hard chrome plating, and shot peened parts, to name a few.

Supply Services Limited is focused on not just supplying individual parts, but also ensuring that their clients receive the full list of products they need to get their machine or equipment moving. Therefore, clients can reach out to them for the full package of matching components in chains, sprockets, attachments, and wear strips, which are all expertly designed to work in unison.

The long-standing relationship between these formidable companies emerges from their desire to create a seamless end-to-end service and high-performance final product for their customers. They are masters of quality and innovation, and will continue to work together in the years ahead to keep the New Zealand wood processing industry moving.

For More Information

Supply Services offer their expert products across the entirety of New Zealand—they have regular stock shipments and nationwide stockholding of CAN-AM Chains, and other leading suppliers. For more information on their quality products, reach out to them for a detailed brochure.

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